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i'm not inclined to resign to maturity


the ambassador of awesome
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my icons are at tattered_chucks; watch that comm if you like my graphics; there's nothing to see here.

christie. fangirl. teacher. environmentalist. anxious. bookworm. music-lover. slightly obsessed with christian bale. may have a soft spot for superheroes.

this journal is friends only for a reason. comment here if you'd like to be added. we should probably have some stuff in common. also, i post a lot. if that's going to annoy you, don't friend me. when you post about your dreams, i skip that entry.

i <3 scott caan. alex o'loughlin. chris pine. karl urban. alexander skarsgard. ian somerhalder. timothy olyphant. christian bale. bradley james. matt bomer. hawaii five-0. nu!trek. the vampire diaries. true blood. justified. friday night lights. merlin. white collar. the big bang theory. supernatural. entourage. dexter. books. chucks. hoodies. my chemical romance. johnny cash. the ramones. the pixies. jack johnson.


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the zachary quinto to my chris pine
the moon to my interplanetary federal republic
the ray person to my brad colbert
the obscene outburst to my christian bale
the sam to my dean
the riley to my lindsey
the clark to my ollie
the ray person to my strawberry milkshake MRE
the chris pine's tongue to my chris pine's lips
the travis mccoy to my gabe saporta
the gerard to my mikey
the chekov to my kirk
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